Meet the Team

Horus Development & Consulting offers a range of services related to tourism destination & brand development in the luxury tourism sector, from the design of a marketing plan to a full-service representation.

As specialists in Asia, our services are based on the quality of our work and on our extensive experience in the region. They are designed to ensure the typically desired results sought by our customers: increase their market share, extend the average stays, increase visitor spending, develop & diversify the available offers in the destination in the targeted APAC markets.

To accomplish this, we rely on a strategic approach and work closely every day with our excellent partner base of key travel agents, journalists, opinion leaders, public figures ... developed for the last 25 years in Asia.

Key Personnel

portrait of a man
Managing Director

Benoit Badufle

Marketing Manager

Zhi Heng Yew



Media & PR
portrait of a woman
Sales Manager

Zeno JIN

Shanghai – P.R. of China
Sales Manager

Ratna RAI

Delhi - India
Social Media

Sophie WANG

Beijing - P.R. of China
Social Media

Glen Angela Mae PELAYO



David Miró

London, UK

Adam Miranda

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