The CHORUS Podcast – Change Leaders

The Brief

  • Content marketing has evolved greatly over the last few years, with greater focus in quality, authenticity, and personal perspectives. Short-form videos and podcasts have been gaining popularity among audiences who are overloaded with information everyday.
  • Podcasts for travel and sustainability in travel are underexploited on the internet, therefore limiting the reach to promote positive values on the subject.
  • As travel and tourism have been largely restricted for an extended period of time, it is opportune to share and promote any form of media that may inspire, encourage and optimise sustainability in travel.

The Strategy

  • CHORUS Podcast aims to promote new ideas, values, and best practices in the fields of sustainability in travel and tourism.
  • As a regional leader in luxury tourism marketing, CHORUS Podcast endeavours to help restart tourism under new KPIs, to reconsider the bottom line, but also the sustainable outcomes and the CSR aspects of our mighty travel industry.
  • Each episode will feature an opinion leader, who hails from various industries and across professions, and whom shares a passion for a sustainable future.
  • The podcast aims to highlight other relevant topics, such as environmental protection, culture, heritage, leadership, human encounters, adventure, performing arts, animal welfare and more – all of which are “at the core of what travelling ought to be and must become again.

The Results

  • Episodes are uploaded on YouTube to allow audiences to see the interviewed guests’  experiences, on top of listening to their responses.
  • Each full episode will be edited into shorter snippets for better focus on specific topics in the discussion, and for easier sharing on social media.
  • An impressive line-up of opinion leaders for CHORUS Podcast.
  • Episodes will also be subsequently uploaded on all major podcast platforms.
  • As exemplified by the CHORUS Podcast, Horus Development & Consulting has launched ‘Sustainable Marketing’ services to help brands articulate and communicate their sustainability goals.

Featured Personalities