Monaco Travel Journal

The Brief

  • Ubiquitous travel pamphlets do not offer added value in today’s environment
  • They are often discarded soon after being received, which is very environment-unfriendly
  • Their travel information is not personable and does not offer experiential dimensions

The Strategy

  • Mingle travel information and tourist assets within various themes, break them down to sections, with pre-packaged content that can be easily picked by the reader
  • Familiar and personable rebranding into “Travel Journal”
  • Including interviews and “insider tips” with local personalities to add relatable experiences for readers
  • Designed as a coffee-table book, with high quality features, to increase its keepsake value

The Results

  • Web-friendly version available on top of printed versions
  • Translated into 5 other languages commonly spoken in Asia
  • Distributed in China, South Korea and Southeast Asia
  • Endorsed by the Monaco Government Tourist Office to be redistributed in Spanish for the Latin American countries
  • Pre-packaged content from the various sections is utilized in various languages for press and social media features in the following 12 months
  • Met with critical success, the magazine is now a yearly publication with fresh themes and dedicated content
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