Singapore Yacht Show

The Brief

  • Long-haul destinations face the competition of priority markets when trying to attract stakeholders from the client-country
  • Like-minded and complementary business entities do not work together due to lack of an overarching business leader
  • Businesses are turned off by high participation costs
  • Individual entities have lower bargaining power

The Strategy

  • We chose the Singapore Yacht Show, a renowned regional BtoB and BtoC luxury event with international appeal,
  • To optimize all the opportunities offered by the market for various Monaco-based entities
  • To use “Monaco” as the host entity and umbrella
  • To aggregate financial resources from the various entities
  • To propose dedicated events within or outside of the main event

The Results

  • Initially without budget Monaco could be present, in strength and in variety in a major event
  • Higher bargaining power as a consortium of entities participating in this trade show
  • More opportunities for commercial and media solicitation
  • Press coverage and interviews generated in the frame of the Yacht Show participation
  • Estimated 2000 visits to the Monaco booth
  • The Monaco-themed evening attracted the participation of more partners and sponsors supplementing the initial budget
  • This event is now a yearly production attracting 8 Monaco based entities including the Yacht Club of Monaco, several companies from the Cluster Yachting Monaco and the Monaco Economic Board under the auspices of VisitMonaco

The Event