L’Orangerie: Made-in-Monaco

One might be surprised to hear that Monaco has its own distillery in just 2 square kilometers. L’Orangerie is the first and only premium orange liquor made in Monaco. It has already proven extremely popular amongst locals and wine lovers abroad.

Handmade from start to finish, the liqueur starts its journey in January, when the oranges are picked from the trees by hand in Monaco and passed to the L’Orangerie distillery. The oranges are then carefully washed, the zest extracted by hand, and infused in alcohol for a couple of weeks before a small quantity of specially selected natural ingredients are added to give you the original L’Orangerie liquor.

The creator of L’Orangerie, Mr. Philip Cullazo, wanted to make a genuine, quality and au naturel product with local ingredients that Monaco can be proud of. To make this special Monaco Spritz, just add 1 part L’Orangerie to 3 parts Prosecco, serve over lots of ice and garnish the cocktail with orange zest. It is so simple that you can try it out at home for everyone to taste a bit of Monaco everywhere in the world.

Since 2019, La Distillerie de Monaco has launched 2 new products: Carubba (made with carob fruits) and Gin aux Agrumes. Be sure to try them on your next trip to Monaco!

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