Monaco Travel Journal 2017/18 – English


Welcome to the first edition of the inaugural Monaco Magazine!
Follow us, as we reveal the charms of this European country.
its elegance and huxury that may be closer to you than you think.
Catching a flight to Nice. followed by a 30-minute car ride or a 7-minute
helpicopter ride will take you… to one of the most sophisticated countries
in the world. If you are already in Europe
we are confident that your stay will be even better with Monaco as the crowing step of your itinerary.

In the following pages, you will discover what this 2-square-kilometer pradise can offer:
its vibrant arts scene, internationally acclaimed restaurants and everything that represents ultimate luxury.

And Monaco may be small but its international voice resounds way higher than its relative size suggests.
Under the rule of its Princes it has become a concentrate of the best that our modern times can offer:
a harmonious society contributed by residents from more than 120 nationalities, competent & respected government
instituations, a world-class educational system, a flair for innovation, and a lifestyle envied by many abroad but enjoyed
with equal opportunities by residents and visitors alike.

The story of Monaco is a fairy tale constantly reinvented to fit in the modern times.
Come and stay, bring your family, your friends, thank your collaborators with highest reward:
a sojourn in Monaco. there is no doubt that you will be inspired forever by it.