Monaco Travel Journal 2017/18


From the times of the late XIXth century when Swiss hotelier Cesar Ritz,
famous French Chef Auguste Escoffier, Renowaned architects Gustave eiffel and Charles
Garnier etc. brought a bit of their fame to Monte-Carlo to the modern times
which saw so many A-listers of the planet settle down to work, invest or retire in Monaco,
the-Principality has been a magnet for excellence and world class talents.

Its international attractiveness as a place to live and to invest is due equally to the
unparalleled quality of its lifestyle than it is due to its sunny climate or its favorable social and economic environment.

Attracting the best for more than 150 years has resulted in a whole variety of excellent offering:
hotels, retail, restaurants, events, art & culture, sports etc..
And every new year sees more groundbreaking projects and innovative ideas coming to life for the enjoyment
of Monaco’s residents and visitors.