The Profile of the American Bleisure Traveller study found that 43 percent of all business trips, across domestic and international destinations, are bleisure trips. The research found that bleisure travellers tend to be frequent business travellers. Bleisure trip research and planning happens in a short window of time, marketers need to understand the factors that influence the decision-making process for business travellers, to capitalize on this growing trend. Read More
Agility’s Asian Millennial and Millionaire Research Results shows travel as the new luxury in Asia. Another study also noted that millionaire millennials are straying away from happenings and traditional luxury events such as fashion shows and auto races, according to a new report from Shullman Research Center. Read More
The founder of Chinese high-end travel agency Zanadu hints that the luxury travel boom in China has yet to even begin. He noted that the country’s luxury market was still at its peak in 2012 despite the central government’s anti-corruption campaign and the slowing economy. Today, this particular trend of ‘traveling for experience’ has taken the country by storm. In fact, customers from the burgeoning middle class have become just as important as the super rich. Read More
Traveliko, which focuses on hotel bookings, says it wants to help “make the world a better place”, by operating a business model that is fairer to its partners, and which contributes to charitable projects. The overall aim, according to the OTA’s founders, is to “re-balance travel business ethics”. Traveliko challenges the status quo by offering an alternative to the current OTA systems which often see hotel operators crippled by high commissions and pressured to lower their room rates in order to guarantee exposure on a handful of dominant travel websites. Read More
After more than a decade of rapid growth, the Chinese outbound travel market is seeing more Chinese travelers who are independent, sophisticated and eager to seek out new experiences, industry experts say. Previously, many inexperienced Chinese tourists stuck to well-known sites, and it didn’t take a lot of expertise to win their business. But that, they said, is changing. Read More
UnionPay, bankcard associations, is fast expanding its overseas networks to facilitate convenient payment services for Chinese outbound travelers, with the goal of rivaling banking giants Visa and MasterCard. With a network spanning over 2.2 million merchants across 39 European countries, UnionPay’s expansion momentum is demonstrated by the high-profile partnerships signed in November with Czech Republic’s largest commercial bank, Ceska Sporitelna, France’s Louvre Hotels Group and Portugal’s main card processing firm, Unicre. Read More
How do mobile phones affect travel decisions? In today’s mobile-first world, people turn to their phones constantly to help make travel decisions. In a new report, Google shares insight into the role our phones play in making travel decisions. (i) Smartphones are travel guides; (ii) Apps are for loyalty and convenience; (iii) Simplicity of use is key; and (iv) Taking up too much memory is a deal-breaker. Read More
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