Green Luxury at Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

Strategically located in the heart of the country near the Place du Casino, the contemporary and stylish Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo is home to renowned Michelin-starred restaurants, the Joel Robuchon Restaurant and Yoshi, as well as the Odyssey pool designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Combining elegance, modernity and authenticity, its innovative and personalized service makes it a destination in itself. Like the communal areas, the rooms of unparalleled comfort offer relaxation and intimacy in a timeless yet chic décor with Mediterranean vibes.

The Hall of Fame can be admired in the hotel’s lobby

Originally built in 1886, Hotel Metropole Hotel known a complete remodeling by interior designer, Jacques Garcia, after being reopened to great success in 2004.

Recently, luxury meets sustainability at the Metropole Monte-Carlo. This 5-star hotel’s commitment to being 100% environmentally friendly earned them the ‘Clé Verte’ label in 2011. In enforcing these commitments, the hotel has established to reduce paper consumption by 10% every year, and has ratified the “Mr. Goodfish” convention, in which only fish caught by responsible fisheries will be served in the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurants – Joel Robuchon and Yoshi.

Odyssey designed by Karl Lagerfeld is the hotel’s highlight terrace

Hotel Metropole also encourages their guests to join in the “Green Attitude” – giving “green” travelling tips, offering organic menus and sharing their “green” experiences on social media with #greenattitude. Anyone can become a glamorous green ambassador at Metropole Monte-Carlo.

Its Carre d’Or suite draws celebrities from all around the world to enjoy

Address: BP 19, 4 Avenue de la Madone, 98007 Monaco

Contact: +377 93 15 15 15

Book direct on its website.

note: the hotel is currently under renovations and will reopen in phases in 2021.

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