Event: Le Rendez-Vous de Septembre

In 1957, the then-Chairman of the Assurances Générales Accidents (now Allianz), André Roux, took the initiative of holding an annual general meeting with foreign colleagues in Monte-Carlo. This format would then become the first edition of Rendez-Vous de Septembre (RVS), an event which later became a world class forum for insurers, reinsurers and brokers to meet, discuss and exchange views on reinsurance contracts.

Indeed, sixty years after its inception, the RVS has been bringing together the major players in the world reinsurance markets, as well as a large number of lawyers, bankers, accounting and rating companies, and specialist journalists in Monte-Carlo, discussing a myriad of topics from economics and markets, to contracts and prospects. The annual event, now registered in Monaco, welcomes professionals from over 80 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and China.

 The long history and success of the RVS can certainly be attributed to Monaco’s privileged location but also to its reputation for expertise and excellence. What’s more: Monaco is a safe and neutral country which offers quality hotel accommodations to its guests, within close proximity to all tourist attractions at the era of “bleisure” (business + leisure). 

These qualities and more, make for the obvious reasons why Monaco continues to attract some of the best events in the world. 

The conference is managed jointly by the Rendez-Vous de Septembre’s Corporate Secretariat and the Monaco Government Tourist & Convention Authority.

Find out more about the event here.

Contact: +377 92 16 60 52

Email for registration: rvs-registration@rvs-monte-carlo.com

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