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Diana (@diartmonde)

I have always felt a connection to the world of ‘princesses’ given my name, Diana, but there was another powerful woman who also fascinated me with her life, work and beauty: Princess Grace of Monaco. 

In 2015, when my good fortune brought me to Monaco for work, a country which I have always felt respect and passion, all my friends were sure that it was a ‘match made in heaven’ as they knew my heart was already living there. When my career shifted from education to working for a celebrity eco-warrior, I was given the chance to learn and show a different side of Monaco and help people to see that there are so many layers to the country. A land of luxury where hard work through innovation, education and sustainability makes a real difference. Monaco is home to many great minds and hearts as well. 

I love the countless stair ‘labyrinths’, the ups and downs that bring you all over the country. You find yourself in a hidden garden or park, a small bistro with breathtaking views or end up in the middle of a tourist group in which you can pretend that you are one of them. If you get lost, everyone speaks English but you can get direction in French, Italian, German and even in Hungarian if you come across me.

I invite you to use your imagination and see this world in its full colours though my black and white pictures. 

Herve Zorgniotti (@hervezor)

My Instagram account is above all the reflection of a travel lover who makes Monaco a central place, a benchmark and a recurring destination. This approach makes it possible to compare and integrate the Principality into the world tourist map, with – as a bonus – visual testimonies of Monaco’s event calendar, worthy of that of the big capital cities around. I am passionate about photography, I try to capture the prettiness of a moment, the beauty of certain tourist places, the emotion aroused by an encounter with a fellow human or a landscape.

A must for gourmets visiting Monaco: the covered Hall of the Condamine market with stalls of specialties from the region and beyond. Our very own version of the Asian “food court” with the same principle: one can sample food at several stalls, and tables are shared with strangers and friends alike. Tourists in the know absolutely love it and locals do not mind starting the conversation. Among the specialities that one should sample there is the Socca, a giant chickpea flour pancake which, once cooked golden and crispy, is cut in small sharings, sprinkled with white pepper and served on a piece of paper (in the past it used to be newspaper) which you can also take away. It is most satisfying at any hour of the day and goes perfectly with a pint of draught Biere de Monaco, available at the next stall. The Socca stall has been a family affair since the 1950ies and everyone from Members of Parliament to schoolchildren knows it.

To me, Monaco exudes a certain art of living which results from an alchemy combining local & international influences (Monaco enjoys counting more than 130 nationalities amongst its inhabitants) a very dynamic pace and an unrivaled environment where gastronomy, performing arts, culture, sports, events… everything really…  are placed under the auspices of absolute excellence. 

Siena Miu (@siena.miu)

I’m Siena, a modern woman wearing multiple hats as a model, blogger, entrepreneur as well as a mom! Thanks to a photographer’s recommendation during a previous shoot, I was casted as one of the models featured in the recent 2018 “Green is the new glam” campaign. 

When I went to Monaco for the first time, it gave me a great sense of intimacy. As I am from Hong Kong, I feel a sense of familiarity walking along the streets but at the same time different from my hometown. The intricate mountain terrain, clean and safe streets, bright lights at night, the comfortable and cool Mediterranean climate… The lifestyle in Monaco is definitely relaxing and comfortable!

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