Social messaging has been identified as the fastest growing online behaviour within social media, and marketers should capitalise on this trend to engage and target consumers. Among which, many media organizations, companies and individuals in China have launched official accounts on WeChat, striving to attract more subscribers to expand their reach. Read More
Havas Worldwide’s survey reveals that a growing number of consumers are viewing gastronomy experiences as validation of status and conversational currency over social media. A new group of consumers known as foodies are taking over social media to share their repertoire. Similarly, marketers could make use of this mindset to create more social media friendly spots in a bid to increase exposure and word-of-mouth. Read More
China has officially exceeded Germany and United States as the world’s top outbound travel market, exporting 128 million outbound tourists in 2015. Instead of going on shopping sprees, they now spend their leisurely hours with qualitative activities. Ctrip, China’s largest online travel agency, said it has seen no withering of interest in outbound trips so far, contrary to assumptions that they will be affected by a weakening currency. Read More
Airbnb launches complementary tours and itinerary services: Trips, a new platform that incorporates social and local activities into the Airbnb booking process allowing travelers to design an itinerary along with the homestay. This will be launched in 10 cities including LA, Paris and Seoul. The concept initially features three areas – Experiences, Places and Home. Trips promises to “immerse travellers” in their communities, providing access to local arts, crafts and events “like violin making in Paris or marathon running in Kenya”. Read More
Singapore Tourism Board announces the Hotel ITM (Industry Transformation Map), a strategy to deal with manpower shortage in the hotel industry of Singapore. Under a new strategy unveiled today by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), the country is planning to help its hotels adapt to the current manpower shortage by adopting new technologies and improving staff training. STB will offer hotels grants to redesign their properties with time-saving solutions and operations, such as RFID technologies for laundry and increase self-service options. Read More
november-6, the largest OTA in China, will buy air-ticketing specialist Skyscanner Ltd for about 1.4 billion pounds ($1.7 billion). Ctrip, whose growth was tied to the phenomenal rise of Chinese tourism, will gain a strong foothold in Europe through the purchase of 13-year-old Skyscanner, one of the region’s larger flight ticketing services with more than 60 million monthly active users. Ctrip will seek to borrow the expertise of Skyscanner’s global operations, and in return, allow Skyscanner tap into its Chinese market connections. Read More
French department store Printemps launched Alipay payment services at its flagship store, the first department store in France to use the service. The influential move hopes to lure Chinese travelers to France, which has seen Chinese traveler numbers dwindle due to terror attacks. The idea of hassle-free (cardless and cashless transactions) are increasingly common among Chinese consumers such that it has become a demand from Chinese travelling abroad. Merchants who adopt such mobile payment methods are more likely to attract Chinese consumers than those who don’t. Read More
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